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We are a group of passionate people dedicated to make your vehicle maintenance hassle free. Our team comprises of robust and fully charged people who work to make sure you get the best of what you deserve. If you are ready to work in the environment surrounded by highly motivated people, contact us!

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"Easy and Reliable Service"

No more hassles in booking your vehicle service.

At Easeservice, we understand the efforts that you put in to find trustworthy service centers. We are here to help you get the best of the best services at the best of the prices, without you having to hunt down the service centres.

So Are You-

1. Among the many who don’t know what went wrong with your vehicle?
2. Not aware where to take your vehicle for the best service?
3. Unaware of the rate charge for the vehicle’s different kind of services?
4. Among the many who feel cheated after visiting a service centre with no credibility?


We’ve got everything you need for your Automobiles

Connect to more than 100 centres near you

Search for the multiple services offered

Compare and select what is best for you

Connect directly to your dealer and service provider

Monitor the progress on your vehicle without making calls and visiting centre

Access the performance of the service centre through reviews and ratings

Search and book an appointment now!

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  Oil Change     General Service     Repair Works
  Major Job, All aggregates ( Example - Engine clutch, gear box )
  Dent Removal    Tinkering & Painting     Rubbing & Polishing
  Full Vehicle Wash     Interior & Exterior Cleaning     Body Wash

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No. 1/678, G2 Sumangali Residences, Mooventhar Street, Medavakkam, Chennai 600100.

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